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Established 1994

1 23 Years

Still going strong. Stop in and see why we continue to grow.


Carry away your purchases from the local farmers market with the large rear basket, we also sell trailers for hauling purposes, children, animals or stuff!.



Back problems preventing you from having fun riding or getting exercise ? Check out our great line of recumbent bikes (go to our links page & check out Sun Bicycles)

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Kim's Tip


Beware Derailleur Damage!  - One of the most common glitches, especially for off-road riders, is falling over or dropping the bike and bending the derailleur. When this happens, you might not notice. It's important to notice however, because once the derailleur is bent, bad things can happen such as shifting into the spokes, which may ruin the derailleur and might seriously damage the rear wheel and frame. Signs of a bent derailleur include sudden hesitation shifting into harder gears and clicking noises when you're on your largest cog (shift out of this gear immediately if you hear this sound because the derailleur is hitting the spokes and may get pulled into the wheel at any moment). If you notice these problems, bring your bike in immediately for us to check it out.